Karol's Car Detailing

Karol’s Mobile Car Detailing provides maintenance and repairs to paint, plastic and fiberglass finishes on cars, vans, pick ups, RV’s, boats and planes as well as interior cleaning.

Car Exterior services include hand washing, machine polishing, clay bar, wet sanding, pre-sealing and top coating as needed Car Removal of accidental overspray caused by industrial or residential painting, tar, asphalt, tree sap, oil, concrete and chemicals
Car Interior service may include steam extraction cleaning of upholstery and carpeting, cleaning and reconditioning of leather seats, console, dash, doors and compartments Car Original application and reapplication of PermaPlate sealants for paint, vinyl, leather, cloth seats and carpeting. New car protection comes with 5 or 7 year PermaPlate warranties and maintenance kits.
Car Graffiti removal from exterior and interior Car Onsite movie car prep services in California and Nevada
Car Minor scratch repair and head lamp restoration Car Surprise someone with a unique gift – send us instead of flowers!
Car Theft recovery and crime scene clean up Car Owner operated

Soap bucket

41 years in the business means knowing just about everything that could happen to a car finish and how to fix it.

All work is done by advance appointment - open weekdays and weekends. Onsite water and electricity are preferred but not required.

For Corporate Clients – fleet work available.

For Insurance and Liability repairs:
Car Being local means a quicker response to an assignment, often on the same day Car Travel anywhere in California depending on the size of the job
Car Coordination and interface between parties Car A release of liability form signed by the claimant in most cases
Car Consultation to assist with expert opinions, estimates, letters of support, 2nd opinions and damage appraisals    

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Visa, M/C, Amex, local checks and cash accepted for payment. Prices upon request.

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